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WINNARD is aware of a recent notification distributed by the Driver & Vehicle Standards agency with regard to defective after-market Scania brake drums. 

We can confirm that this brake drum is not of WINNARD manufacture or supply.

In fact, as the U.K.'s leading distributor of commercial vehicle brake discs & drums we were asked by VOSA to assess the dimensional characteristics of this failed drum and created a report to help their investigation.

The quality of the failed part should be a reminder to the industry that braking components are safety-critical parts and purchasing decisions should not be made purely on price.     

Quality control is paramount to ensure product conformity.

WINNARD has been manufacturing brake drums for over 90 years.  We have the knowledge, experience, quality control procedures and engineering technology to ensure our parts meet the quality standards required for such safety-critical components.

Thos. Winnard & Sons Ltd

Warning about seriously defective aftermarket lorry brake drums


Operators are being warned about seriously defective aftermarket brake drums that may be fitted to Scania P400 lorries within their fleet.

We are aware of 2 cases where aftermarket drums, which were not manufactured or supplied by Scania, have failed on P400 lorries.

No front braking

Both lorries were left without front braking and were fully laden.

The drums failed in the same way when the braking surface fractured and separated from the mounting ring. It is believed that this was not due to normal wear and tear.

We have been unable to identify the manufacturer but an image of one of the failed drums is shown above.


WINNARD - Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Statement

Winnard is continuing to work through these difficult times.  We have put measures in place to help ensure our customers and employee's well being and we will continue to work under the guidance provided by the UK government.

We are currently operating to our normal opening times with full collection and carrier delivery services available.  At this vital time, we will continue to support the haulage industry in partnership with our distribution network.

The Winnard team



On the 30th November 2019, at the prestigious K Club in Kildare, Ireland, the Independent Motor Trade Factors Associated Ltd (IMFTA) presented Thos. Winnard & Sons Ltd with the CV supplier of the year 2019 certificate.

On behalf of Winnard, we would like to thank all CV members of the IFA for their continued support.  We really appreciate your business and are proud to receive this award as recognition for all our employee's hard work.  We will endeavor to do all we can next year to continue and develop our trading relationship.

Thank you.



  WINNARD - IFA CV Supplier of the year 2019