Brake Discs

With over 350 references covering 98% of the commercial vehicle market, Winnard have one of the largest ranges of C.V. Brake Discs in Europe.

All our Brake Discs are manufactured to our specification by ISO TS16949 accredited factories with many references having ECE R90 approval. During the design process we also make enhancements over the Original Equipment part.  These enhancements include improvements to the disc's thermal fatigue capabilities as well as reductions in corrosion of critical areas such as ABS teeth.  

Our O.E.S. approved quality control systems and procedures ensure that our Brake Discs meet the exacting standards required by today's modern vehicles and will perform to similar levels as an Original Equipment part.

What is ECE R90

ECE R90 is a European Standard which ensures that Brake Pads and more recently Brake Discs manufactured for the aftermarket comply with R90 standards. In order to meet these standards the Brake Disc must be put through a series of tests and perform to similar levels as the Original Equipment part. Winnard Brake Discs are classed as “Interchangeable” ECE R90 Definition "Interchangeable brake disc" is a replacement brake disc which has the same interface dimensions as the original brake disc but may differ from the original brake disc in terms of its design, material composition and mechanical properties. Interchangeable Brake Discs have to pass following tests:

Check / Test List

Geometric check (The critical dimensions are measured to ensure the brake disc conforms to the tolerances required to provide a safe and effective brake)

Material check (The chemical composition, microstructure and hardness are measured) Balancing provisions check (The balance of the disc is checked and compared to the OE part) Wear condition marking (Wear markings and minimum thickness specifications are checked with the OE part)

Integrity test - thermal fatigue Integrity test - high load Service brake vehicle performance test

Design Features

All Winnard Brake Discs are manufactured to our engineering specifications. Design improvements are also incorporated where necessary including venting and ABS specifications.

Product Traceability

To give you ultimate peace of mind – all our brake discs are batch coded, giving us full traceability of the products we sell.

Brake Disc Applications

We're confident you'll find brake discs to match your needs – we stock brake discs for a wide-range of over 3000 industrial, LCV, PSV, truck & trailer applications.

Winnard Brake Disc Box Design

The Winnard Brake Disc box is designed to compliment our Brake Pad range and is protected by a plastic coating for added strength and weather protection. The batch code and product weight is printed on the outer label.

Customer Branding

To help distributors market our product and to promote their brand image we can provide customer specific branding to include a re-labelling or full re-packaging program.

Online Catalogue

Reduce the amount of time you spend searching for and ordering the parts your business needs. Use our improved online catalogue to: quickly lookup product cross-references; search for parts that are built to fit specific vehicles; discover discs and drums that match specific dimension specifications; and much more.

Once you've found the parts you need we'll recommend related parts that you may be interested in, whilst showing you live-updating stock levels, all before allowing you to place and confirm your order safely and securely. And you never had to pick up the phone or trawl through a traditional printed catalogue.

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